The Warren Buffett Investing Course

Learn how to invest in undervalued stocks just like Warren Buffett

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Learn how to

Find stocks you understand.

Determine whether businesses have favorable long term prospects.

Analyse the competency of management

Value Stocks

Buy stocks at undervalued prices.

6 Modules

12 Video Lessons


1. Buffett's Beginnings

Learn who Warren Buffett is, why he is considered the world’s greatest investor and who helped shape his investment philosophy.

2. Finding Wonderful Companies

Learn how to use a stock screener to find wonderful companies. Wonderful companies being those that:

  1. You Understand
  2. Have favorable long term prospects
  3. Have honest and competent management
  4. Are available at an attractive price.

3. One that we Understand

Buffett only invests in companies that he understands. Find out why this is important and how to learn more about companies.

4. Favorable Long-term Prospects

“If you don’t feel comfortable owning a stock for 10 years, you shouldn’t own it for 10 minutes.” – Warren Buffett

Learn how to determine whether a company has an advantageous future.

5. Operated by Honest and Competent People

We want to invest with people who won’t deceive us and who know how to run a business.

Learn how to analyse a company’s management.

6. How to Value and Buy at Attractive Prices

In order to buy a stock at an attractive price, you must know how to value them. In this module, you learn how to value stocks and ensure you are only buying them when they are undervalued.


Intrinsic Value Calculator

Intrinsic value is a stock’s true value. With our calculator you can value stocks in minutes.

Course Workbook

With our workbook we make learning how to invest like Warren Buffett a breeze.

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Looking for a way to find undervalued stocks?


This free blueprint will take you through the steps of investing in undervalued stocks just like Warren Buffett 


You will learn how to:


Screen for 'Warren Buffett' type stocks.

Analyse a company's history.

Research a company.

Prepare yourself to value a company. 



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