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Successful investing is all about predicting the future. It’s hard enough to predict the future about things we know about, but it’s impossible to predict the future of something we know nothing about. Each successful investment is based on the evaluation of four factors. Mastering this Niche skill is a must. 

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EXAMPLE: INSTRUCTOR is a well-experienced dental ceramist and photographer.

He started his study in 1993 in Hungary, where he met and learned from great masters around Europe (ex: Klaus Mütherties, Oliver Brix, Aki Yoshida, Robert Zubak, etc. )

In 2004 became a Hungarian Master Dental Technician.

In 2006 he established his own lab. There he was fortunate to work with Hungary’s famous and talented dentists like Prof. Dr Paul Gerloczy, Dr Attila Bodrogi, Dr Janos Grosz, Dr Ferenc Bartha.

In 2010 he decided to move to Perth, Australia. There he collaborated with renowned Prosthodontist, Dr Tony Rotondo from Brisbane and together developed a highly successful photo communication protocol.

He is a keen teacher who loves to share his 20+ years of knowledge and experience with everyone in the dental industry. He also developed some useful tools for dental photography to make everyday photography easier and better.

 In 2019 he opened his educational state-of-the-art Renfert Master lab in Perth, Western Australia where he regularly undertakes activities to educate and mentor every passionate member of the dental industry.


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Analyse a company's history.

Research a company.

Prepare yourself to value a company. 



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